I met more new friends who are campaigning to serve my town of Prescott Valley, Arizona today!!! I went for Coffee and Chat with Lori Hunt, Elect Hunt Town Council  and also met Steven K. Sensmeier, who is running for the seat in LD1.
Engaging in town politics is completely new territory for me, so I really enjoyed learning more about my town, and those who are working hard to serve our community.
I will get these signs out in the yard tomorrow, and keep you posted as I get better acquainted with Lori, Steve, and Dawn at Rafter Eleven, who hosted the event today. It was a very enlightening conversation, and I agree with Lori… I too, love Prescott Valley, and I’m glad she is running for the seat in our Town Council!
I also recently met Anne Marie Ward, so my list of friends in politics is growing nicely… I’m extremely impressed with all of them, and look forward to my education in American Politics, 101!

Coffee and Chat with Lori Hunt, Prescott Valley Town Council

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I'm an artsy, crafty Grandma with passionate faith in God and I intend to be the change I want to see in America. I'm here to show you the steps it took for me to overcome homelessness so we can repeat that process for those who are still homeless among U.S.

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