Hi there, Connie here… I’m your host for SAGECons at The Kataluma Adventure, where we share Mental Health Education for Bible Thumpers, Homeless Recovery Education, and our artsy, crafty, animated versions of our favorite Bible stories!

My life so far has been an adventure of Biblical proportion and I’m here to show you how God rescued me from a severe case of trauma and drama, an acute dose of the orphan spirit and the raging nightmare of trying to reclaim my life after homelessness!

I found the solutions I needed in the pages of God’s Word to me, and that’s good news for anyone who has ever experienced the kind of chaos that wreaks havoc on your peace of mind and leaves you searching for a place to belong.

If you read between the lines, you can see that my world view has been shaped in what some would call “The Swamp,” of humanity, and that is a sad truth that has wrought extreme havoc on my life!

I’ve been in recovery for many years, so SAGECons is a reflection of the stability that is becoming the new standard for my life. Finally!

I have lived through many years of harsh realities, but overcoming those trials have reshaped my identity and forged a new resolve, sense of purpose, and helped develop insights that I had been unable to attain in earlier years of my life.

Because of my life experiences, I’m here to discuss solutions for homelessness and poverty, based on what I learned during my own experience of having become homeless in America.

I would love for you to join me in this conversation!

Children are far from immune to the tragedies I have faced.. in fact, many children are STILL being bombarded with the ugly situations that put my own life at risk.

The perpetuation of those ugly realities is wreaking havoc on our national budget AND the reputation of the God I love and serve, and so I’m here to challenge to status quo; both in the sacred and secular arenas.

We are currently experiencing great unrest and failure to thrive in our nation, and my goal is to discuss the steps we need to take that will help establish immediate stability so we can begin to engage in the process of bringing justice to bear in America… for ALL of U.S.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. Now, let me introduce you to the grassroots solutions we have in mind, also known as The Kataluma Adventure.

The First Thing You Need To Know Is A Little About How I Became Homeless

Listen In As I Discuss My Story with Matt Tommey at

The Thriving Christian Artist Podcast

Our Next Step Will Be To Discuss The Solutions We Intend To Help Create!

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