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About Web Mastery For Beginners

I have been interested in blogging for many years, and have test-driven many, many blog-building platforms. Maintaining a consistent presence has been difficult since I have been engaging in the recovery process related to the several mental health disorders that led to my experience of homelessness.

I built my first blog in 2006, became a Squidoo Lensmaster in 2007, and the rest… as they say, is history!! I had no idea that I had found my way to one of the most powerful healing tools available for anyone who is struggling to resolve issues related to emotional distress. 

Art therapy is a powerful tool for engaging in artsy self-expression and has been one of the most effective tools for navigating (and overcoming!) the mental chaos associated with my diagnoses of bipolar, PTSD and DID.

I am a teacher at heart and so I have also tried many times to create classes to share the knowledge that I  needed when I began to learn about web development.  What I realize now is that my plate was overflowing with unresolved trauma and I was desperately trying to generate income using my passion for technology.

Monetizing a blog is a very attainable goal, but NOT when you are in the midst of exploding emotions and unstable life circumstances!! My learning curve was rugged, to say the least… but I HAVE learned to set priorities, create a to-do list, set priorities and take one step at a time when it comes to creating an online presence that has the ability to help, comfort, encourage and influence others.

I am so happy to tell you that I have worked my way through much of my (very lengthy!) to-do list, and will soon be launching my classes for aspiring webmasters. Soon is a relative term, and so I am not establishing a specific date for my launch. 


I LOVE technology, and I am always in the process of exploring, engaging and mastering the world of ever-changing technology. so you can be certain that I am fully engaged in the creation process!

When the time does come to launch Web Mastery For Beginners my classroom will be filled to overflowing with answers to the many questions  I once had myself!!

I look forward to the day I will be able to open my classroom and invite you to join me as I show you how to “Step Up To The Windows of The World and Let YOUR Voice Be Heard!”

That day is swiftly approaching, and I look forward to sharing it with you.