Write The Vision – Unlined Journal

Write The Vision Journal

Did you know?

God wants to talk to you as much as you want to talk with Him? Probably even more so, if we can imagine that!!!

We tend to internalize our deepest, darkest fears in our efforts to be “good boys and girls,” and just speak the things that are acceptable to those around us. 
But the great news is, Papa God wants to hear those dark thoughts that cause us the most pain!!! My journal covers are a reflection of what I call the “Dark Glory of God.” Like King David, God is listening for the sound of our fears and tears, because they are the reward that Jesus died for!
He longs to comfort those who are hurting, so I invite you to share our journal with children whose lives are filled with the things that cause dark thoughts and emotions. 
There is healing in the expression of our fears, and I invite you to open the book, write your story, and then have a little talk with Jesus. He’s always listening with unconditional love and acceptance.
I have created this cover because I know the depths of His great love for us… especially when we are hurting.