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The 4 Responses To Trauma – Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fade-Out

Do you know the most common ways people respond to traumatic events? They are Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fade Out. We will be discussing these coping mechanisms because the way we handle our thoughts and emotions during the quarantine will have great impact on our future mental health, #PostCorona.

We invite you to talk with us about coping with traumatic life events, PTSD, and how we can help create a safe environment for everyone once the crisis has passed and we step back into life, #PostCorona.
We will be discussing some of the things I have learned during my years of learning to overcome trauma.
My goal is to offer hope, comfort, insight, and encouragement, from a Biblical perspective… so we hope you will feel welcome here, discover how much you are loved, and find a place to belong.